Why CrossFit is So Popular

In this day and age we often find ourselves performing different types of physical activities which need the use of different muscles and combinations of physical skill sets. CrossFit was born out of this idea.

The main concept behind this training is to train around a number of disciplines, which can develop different skills like agility, strength, endurance and speed. The modern techniques of cross fitness training are popularized by the military and law enforcement people, but the roots of this type of training can be traced way back to those days when Spartans lived in ancient Greece.

The appeal of CrossFit

One of the main appeals of CrossFit is that it strips away all the fancy gadgets, gym equipment and workout machines. What’s left to use are jump ropes, barbells, mats, rowing machines, medicine balls, kettlebells and resistance bands. The exercises in this technique rely mostly on the body and weight of the person performing it.

CrossFit gym

The exception to the rule about using machines is during the recovery period after a strenuous workout. RP Sports muscle recovery machine shortens the time it takes for muscles to recover, making it a method that serious athletes prefer to use.

CrossFit’s focus is strength training

With its main focus on strength training, the end goal of following CrossFit often varies, but it mostly includes getting stronger, losing weight, having more energy, and looking better. Intensity is the main key, so the emphasis is to do more within less time or use a high intensity of effort. Besides, there is also an emphasis on the community, as in this technique people can work out together as a team.

CrossFit is basically a way of living, therefore diet is another major component of this technique. It is advised to people to stay on the Zone diet or a Paleo diet, or a combination of both while performing this exercise technique.

crossfit workout

Skill levels

CrossFit can be performed almost anywhere like in the park, in the gym, or at home. There is no need to use any high-end gym equipment. In fact, the routine training just needs two pieces of equipment like some plates and an Olympic bar. The exercises are designed in such a manner that they are easy to learn, even for beginners.

As a result, people of any competency or skill level can master this technique. Basically, there are ten main domains where CrossFit athletes can get proficiency. These areas are strength, stamina, speed, power, flexibility, agility, respiratory/cardiovascular endurance, balance, accuracy, and coordination.

High-intensity movements

In most CrossFit gyms the strength components include different types of high-intensity movements. These include performing deadlifts or squats, weightlifting, running, rowing, and bodyweight exercises. This is why a large number of police and military organizations are using this technique as their preferred way of getting into shape.

air force crossfit gym

It can be said that rise of CrossFit has given birth to a completely new trend in the field of fitness. Due to the varied approach to training, it is quite difficult to get bored. Or it can be said that this style offers people a new and fun-filled method of working out instead of hitting the gym alone. This is one possible reason why this technique is attracting people who aim to be alpha athletes.

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